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WWisdom Consulting is your inspired partner; supporting your vision of leadership, team engagement and inclusivity. Our offerings: motivational speeches, seminars and workshops, designed to meet your unique needs. Let WISDOM move you beyond diversity!

Motivated by the phrase, “we get the leadership we deserve”, Marva Wisdom has set out to broaden and deepen our engagement within the local, provincial, and national community. Through seminars, motivational speeches, presentations, and research, Marva conveys the importance of diversity, inclusiveness, an engaged citizenry, and its impact on public and private sector leadership.

“Organizations need to build capacity for inclusive engagement in order to realize their aims toward a ‘just society’. Gone are the days when economics, environment and social justice were dichotomous entities.  Further, we have approached a new consciousness where we must work collaboratively for all to achieve success.  Leaving significant members of our population behind, neglecting the challenges faced by Aboriginal population is wholly unacceptable. 

The question is how do we develop and chart the way forward?" Someone once said, “Vision without action is hallucination”.  Civic engagement and inclusiveness, in developing effective leaders, responsive to this need is an important component.”

WWisdom Consulting has had the opportunity to have worked with grassroots non-profit organizations, public service agencies, varying levels of governments, and national corporations teaching on leadership, engagement, and diversity. Some clients include:

  • Environics Research Group
  • The Canadian Centre for Diversity
  • University of Guelph
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Aboriginal Human Resources Council
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of College Training and Universities
  • Ed Video and Media Art Centre
  • Canadian Museum of Human Rights
  • City of Regina

Leadership through Engagement.

Marva's Story

Dubbed a Civic Engagement Superhero, Marva serves as a volunteer on dozens of boards and organizations from the Rotary Club, to the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre to the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Where there is work to be done for others, Marva is there. Click to discover more.

Company Profile

Wisdom Consulting is Marva's organization that continues to grow with the community it serves, reflecting the changing demographic of Guelph-Wellington and area while mining the leadership, experience, talent and skills of a richly diverse mosaic. Click to Learn more.


Marva Wisdom of Wisdom Consulting has coined the acronym L.E.a.D. (Leadership, Engagement and Diversity), in order to simplify the message of an important way forward for community and country. From Workshops to Keynotes to Research, click here to see how.