These experiences we are seeing in 2020 are not anecdotal. They are shared and 
measured. For many of us, the pain is real and it is deep. 

By creating a culture of acknowledgement, we can 
take that first step in healing divisions. Let me help you build a road 
map to stronger and more empowered teams.

Latest Community Initiatives

Black Experience Project Greater Toronto

Director, Community Engagement and Outreach | The Environics Institute, in partnership with various highly reputable community establishments in the Greater Toronto Area, is launching a groundbreaking research study focusing on the Black community in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Canadian Black History Projects

Co-Founder & Director | Marva is the co-founding president and managing director of the newly formed Canadian Black History Projects which manages TD Bank’s Black History programming.
> Stay Tuned for more information coming soon.

Guelph Black History Society

Founder & Former President |The GBHS was established to restore and maintain the historical British Methodist Episcopal (BME) Church building as a community cultural and spiritual gathering space and promote Guelph-Wellington County’s distinctive place in Southwestern Ontario’s rich Black heritage. > View GBHS's website.

What Client’s Say

Marva Wisdom - Leadership through Engagement

Motivated by the phrase, “we get the leadership we deserve”, Marva Wisdom has set out to broaden and deepen citizens' engagement within our civil society.This website will introduce you to Marva's story and how you can L.E.a.D. with Wisdom in facilitating effective community engagement, diversity, and inclusivity. This journey, as Robin Sharma says, “…does not end with us”.

From growing up as a child in rural Jamaica,to moving to Stratford, Ontario as a high school student, to raising her family in Guelph, Ontario, Marva Wisdom has built a life on passion, social justice, and inclusivity. Marva Wisdom is a community leader who blends her personal and professional passions to help her clients and community build on the strengths of a strong and collaborative team. A highly respected and sought after facilitator and speaker, Marva, through her company, Wisdom Consulting, provides clients with the tools and courage they need to facilitate meaningful growth through leadership, effective engagement, diversity and inclusivity.


Marva's Story

Dubbed a Civic Engagement Superhero, Marva serves as a volunteer on dozens of boards and organizations from the Rotary Club, to the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre to the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Where there is work to be done for others, Marva is there. Click to discover more.

Company Profile

Wisdom Consulting is Marva's organization that continues to grow with the community it serves, reflecting the changing demographic of Guelph-Wellington and area while mining the leadership, experience, talent and skills of a richly diverse mosaic. Click to Learn more.


Marva Wisdom of Wisdom Consulting has coined the acronym L.E.a.D. (Leadership, Engagement and Diversity), in order to simplify the message of an important way forward for community and country. From Workshops to Keynotes to Research, click here to see how.


For potential opportunities or to discover how Wisdom Consulting can serve you, please connect with us.

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For potential opportunities or to discover how Wisdom Consulting can serve you, please contact @MarvaWisdom