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L.E.a.D. with Wisdom - Leadership through Engagement

Building leadership capacity – one community at a time. Marva Wisdom has coined the acronym L.E.a.D. (Leadership, Engagement, and Diversity), in order to breakdown the message of an important way forward for community and country. This formula is intended to explore the positive aspects of the rich cultural heritage of our community and challenge us to enhance and devise new and sustainable strategies in building effective networks. An engaged followership and leadership, inclusive of the rich diversity of our community, strengthens our capacity to grow, prosper and leave a legacy, benefitting our generation and beyond.

LEADERSHIP; community leadership through individual, group, or corporate action.

ENGAGEMENT; citizen engagement fostering democratic dialogue and stronger community.


DIVERSITY; inclusiviness environments to move Canada beyond diversity.

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Dubbed a Civic Engagement Superhero, Marva serves as a volunteer on dozens of boards and organizations from the Rotary Club, to the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre to the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. Where there is work to be done for others, Marva is there. Click to discover more.

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Wisdom Consulting is Marva's organization that continues to grow with the community it serves, reflecting the changing demographic of Guelph-Wellington and area while mining the leadership, experience, talent and skills of a richly diverse mosaic. Click to Learn more.


Marva Wisdom of Wisdom Consulting has coined the acronym L.E.a.D. (Leadership, Engagement and Diversity), in order to simplify the message of an important way forward for community and country. From Workshops to Keynotes to Research, click here to see how.

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